MNC Group - anyone used them?

Joe Pineapples

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Been looking at geting a satnav, and this place popped up as being one of the cheapest for what i want. Has anyone used this place before?



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My wife had the unfortunate experience of ordering a sat nav system from this company. there website showed that they had 3 in stock and she would receive a consignment number by email when despatched. After 5 days we tried to contact MNC by email as they do not have any telephone number customer service, but they do have a contact number if you wish to make a sales enquiry, I phoned this number but all I was met with was rude and evasive staff who would not give us any details of the order. Their website is still showing 3 in stock, but I do not believe that this company has the item in stock, in fact their website gives the impression that they sell thousands of this item and others every year, but a look at the full records at companies house shows that there current turnover does not match their claims. I contacted the owner directly who was angry that I knew his name, mobile number, home address and his direct email address and wanted to know how I obtained this information, he then ranted and just tried to shout over anything I said and finally cut me off. My wife had the good sense to pay by Barclaycard, who we contacted today who told us that the MNC Group had actually taken an amount from my wife's card exceeding what was on her emailed receipt, we are aware that a payment by CC will incur a charge, but even allowing for this, what MNC Group have done amounts to theft. We have today contacted Plymouth Police and passed on the details of this theft and they have promised us that they will be contacting MNC Group in relation to this offence. We have further informed Trading Standards of the activities of this company, in the meantime if anyone who has had the misfortune to have had unsatisfactory dealings with this company, I am more than happy to provide you with the direct contact details of the MD he becomes very defensive when confronted. My advice would be don't do business with MNC Group.


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I have just had a similar bad experience and would not use this Company again and advise anyone else to use them with extreme caution.
I ordered some goods that showed as in stock. They contacted me the following day that the goods are no longer stocked and there are none in the UK (this was not true as it was available at many other sites). They were then trying to persuade me for an upgrade which I refused. However they had still deducted the payment for the goods that they no longer stocked!!!! They confirmed in an e mail that they would provide a refund in 2-4 days. 4 days later the goods arrived at my house and they had dispatched the order the day after they confirmed the payment would be refunded. They are now refusing to provide a refund until i return the goods to them at my own expense.
There customer service is appalling, very aggressive and ignorant. Basically I think they are trying to encourage customers to upgrade there orders and then when it backfires send the goods anyway.
I'm having to take legal action to obtain my refund

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