MMmmmmmmm wait for this ...... or this now ??

Just to let you know the MPx200 is only avail on Orange unless you buy it sim free.
Its available on voda and 02 if you pay 254.99 for the phone and 25 quid a month contract :eek: :eek: :eek:

I just got it on orange @ 20 a month for 1000 off peak tariff
phone was free :D and got £55 quids worth of accessorys for free :rotfl:

From the Link
Yeah i forgot it was on o2 aswell but i tend to forget about o2 as they are **** but didn't know voda had it.
Motorola mpx 200 is available on 02 for £99-150 on o2 at carphonewarehouse on the £25 per month tarriff.

Also mpx220 is bieng released in a couple of months
Took it back today under the links 14 day no quibble gtee

the phone's software was too slow to the point it was very frustrating waiting for programs to open.

wouldn't recomend to anyone.

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