.mkv files and NAS drive


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I have just bought a LG 47LW650T 47" Full HD LED 3D TV. I have the LG demo on an mkv file that plays great through the usb stick. Unfortunately my Linkstation HS_DHGL does not see these files as media files through DLNA.

Question 1
Is there an inexpensive NAS drive that will work with these files with DLNA?

Question 2
I have converted them to .avi, and I am not convinced as to the quality, especially digital surround sound audio.
Is there an easy way to convert the mkv files without too much loss. (I don't want to have to extract and recompile again)


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Try just renaming them .avi works on my Samsung it will play mkv on a stick but not over
A network


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Option 1: A rename should probably work, try the .avi or .mp4

Option 2: Alternatively try PS3Muxer or Rebox.net both apps can repackage [without converting the video] mkv into m2ts with 5.1 audio intact, of course if the DLNA server doesn't support m2ts then your screwed that way too.

Option 3: LG is one of the rare big name electronics vendors that occasionally supports SMB in their media players, don't know if your TV does or not but this allows you to browse the network shares on the NAS directly bypassing the DLNA layer.

Option 4: There is a hacking scene for Buffalo Linkstation they may be able to tell you if there are any alternative DLNA servers available for the HS_DHGL that you could install. Also if there is a firmware update for the NAS try applying it.

Option 5: The absolute cheapest option (& most likely to work with MKV/LG) would probably be a 1-bay QNAP or Synology NAS seeing as you already have a HDD you can cannibalize from the Linkstation for use with them.

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