MK Sound On Wall Upgrade Options - Please Help


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Hi All,
Currently thinking about upgrading my MK Sound speakers - I currently have MP950 as LCR on walls and thinking about upgrading to either MP150 or MP300....

Current setup is as below:

With the angled baffle:
If I go under the screen - do I need 2 x left and 1 x right/centre? Angled up towards MLP
If I go above screen would it be 1 x left and 2 x right/centre? How far back should MLP be if above the screen? Currently at 4.5m.

Does it really matter - would any combination or L/R be ok?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

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Hi @timcz, 950s were excellent. I had them for about two years. Upgraded to MP300s.

How big is your room? How far away is MLP?


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It’s roughly 6m long by 4m wide (20ft x 14ft). MLP is around 3m away from the screen.

What I have now isn’t very good at all, so pretty keen to jazz it up completely. Have been leaning towards M&K and/or Triad speakers.


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3m away should be good for MP950s - excellent speaker for HT, well made and very detailed sound. They are going to need a decent subwoofer to pair with. Never tried Triad thus couldn't comment.

Recommend you get a demo booked in.


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Great to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

Sadly demos are hard in my area as not many people carry it all, but I’ll be able to find somewhere hopefully.

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