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Hi All,

i've been searching this forum for a couple of hours to find an answer to this question i have. Can't seem to be able to find it so here goes:

I was going to buy the new REL Quake, when i noticed the link from the REL site to this forum-site. It was only then that i discovered that a lot of you fine people are not too fond of the Quake at all, and that the MJA pro 50 is a (much) better choice for a little less money. "OK, i thought, I'm new to this, don't have a sub yet, so let's investigate into this Pro 50 thing." Every review about this sub is very positive, i must say, not only in magazines but also the ones from you fine people.

Here's my question:

- will this sub be powerful enough to "compete" with the rest of my home cinema setup. What i mean is: i have a yamaha RXV 800 RDS receiver, which should be able to pump out 100 watts RMS (most say it's more like 80, but that's way enough too). The MJA Pro 50 can deliver "only" 50 watts continously, and i have no way of knowing if this will be enough, or not.

It should be added that i would use a sub primarily as a Home Cinema sub, secondly for music.

I 'm looking forward to your views on and especially experience with this question.

thanks in advance for teaching a newbie.


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As a newcomer your first stop should be the power buys, as Uncle eric can get you a CHT10 for £325 this should see off the Quake and the MJA Pro 50.

If size and spouse factor is your main problem then the Quake and the MJA Pro 50 will be your main contenders. Now I,m biased so I will say the Pro 50, it may be 50 Watts but the SPL of the speaker is high to begin with so it does not need a powerfull amp to achieve a fairly high SPL given the size of enclosure and driver Etc.

If you do a search for the Quake you may find that some forum members have tried it, but find it hard to integrate into their systems.

Notwithstanding the above you should audition the two side by side and make your own judgement, we all have our own opinions and tastes but there can be no subsitute than listening and making up your own mind, after all as a certain company says "If it sound right to you, then it is right"

Good luck and whatever choice you make I hope you are well pleased.


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Hi Joël,

Dan's quite right - would heartily recommend the Pro 50, although I understand the CHT10 (if you have the room) should be far better.

Also, don't get too hung up on Watts... that is only one factor in determining how loud it will go. You also have to consider how sensitive a speaker is i.e. how efficiently it converts the power from the amp into music. There can be a huge difference speaker efficiencies... believe me, I've heard a 4 Watt (yes, FOUR) amp driving a VERY efficient speaker which has filled a large room with loud music.

The only way to know what's going to please you is to try them both at a dealers, or preferably take the beasts in question home for a trial.

Good luck.

Ian J

I heard the Pro at Bristol and it sounded quite good. No vast amounts of bass or great depth but quite good all the same.

I heard the Quake at Manchester a few weeks ago coupled with a pair of decent stand mounters. I didn't like the overall sound much and all of a sudden it improved tremendously - when they unplugged the Quake.

I think that the fact it has PC connectors tells you what market it's really aimed at.

Try a full sized sub first but if you must have a tiny one, the Pro is much the better of the two.

uncle eric

The largest box possible, (within your constraints) hence internal volume, coupled with a hefty amp, together with a large driver (which will generally be bigger as the enclosure gets bigger) = Good, deep bass (all things being equal).

I walked into the REL room in Manchester with Ian a few weeks ago. After the alarm bells stopped, I agreed with Ians comment that things actually sounded better with the little REL Quake switched off. True.


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Thanks everyone,

for your reply's. It's been helpful.

How exactly would i purchase a sub from uncle eric? (living in Holland and all.)



I walked into the REL room in Manchester with Ian a few weeks ago. After the alarm bells stopped, I agreed with Ians comment that things actually sounded better with the little REL Quake switched off. True.

Funny you should say that. as when i was having a nose round this years AV expo @ Heathrow i thought that the demo in the REL room (think they were using a Stentor) was way too bass boomy & heavy..Considering they were using an MC-12 up top, the sub totally overpowered the fronts & rears.............

Hotel room constraints?...or just a tad too eager to 'turn up the bass'


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