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This is probably a stupid question... so please forgive my ignorance :)

I suppose I have a rather unusual setup which originated from my desrire to keep my hi-fi and home cinema systems in some way separate. Let me explain...

My main stereo amp is an old Leak valve amp. I have my turntable connected directly to the valve pre-amp input which in turn powers my Ruark Crusader front speakers. I have just connected my MJA Pro 50 directly (via the high-level connection on the sub) to the valve amp speaker outputs to add a bit of bass weight to the music. Sounds wonderful (untouched by transistors - except the sub!) and I don't want to touch this setup if possible!

I also have a Yamaha DSP-E492 which acts as switch for all my other sources - DVD, CD, VCR etc etc. The main speaker line-level output from this goes into a pre-amp input of the valve amp. The rest of the speakers are powered by the Yamaha's internal amps. There is also a low-level (filtered) output from the Yamaha to the MJA via phono lead to provide the 5.1 sub output. (Still with me? :D )

So basically I need to have both the low-level and high-level inputs to the sub connected at the same time. But the question is, what happens at the sub end when both inputs are connected and both are receving a signal, for example when I play a DVD or CD? Am I risking damage to the sub with this setup and is there internal switching or will both high-level and low-level inputs go through the sub's amp resulting in a bit of a mix-up?
Any help/suggestions gratefully received!

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The high level and the low level inputs are independant of each other, thats why they have individual volume controls. If you feed your Hi-Fi amp into the high level input and the proccesor to the low level input and played both peices of equipment at the same time you would get a mix of bass from both sources.

There is no switch, between the two, but perhaps you can use the volume controls to switch between sources.


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Thanks for the info Dan (once again)...!

So I'm not going to cause any damage to the sub by having both connected then? That's fine with me - as you say I can use the volume controls to effectively switch between high and low level inputs.

Dom H

i think u need to set the sub to off on the amp when you use the high level.

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