MJ Acoustics Reference 100 with Linn Komponents


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Hi all

I currently have a set of Linn Komponent 5.1's

Im replacing the sub and was looking at the MJ Acoustics Reference 100

Should i be looking bigger or will this pack some decent punch?

Thanks in advance



Consider these first.

Sub Woofers

You'll see some very strong similarities to the MJ's, at much cheaper prices, if you look closely ;)



No, you can't beat that.

Second hand, it's probably a fair price :smashin:

Would the Gemini II be of similar quality etc?
It's probably better :eek:
Slightly more power in a slightly bigger box.

Forget MJ's claims that the 100 goes down to 13hz, as frankly, that's a bleeding insult, imo.

Guess who used to make the MJ's? :rolleyes: ;)

Enough said ;)


Tbf, if £120's your current budget, I'd take that MJ if it's working perfectly and in good nick.

I can't see you losing out when you come to sell it.


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I would go for the Gemini II , it has a 10 inch woofer
against the MJ which uses a 8 inch woofer (MKI)

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