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I'm currently running a Tannoy EFX 6.1 system. Just wanted to see what people thought of this as an upgrade idea:

Buy a pair of Tannoy Mercury F1 Customs and a FC Custom centre and keep the existing EFX sub and rear speakers.

Eventually upgrade the sub and rears but rather than saving up till I've enough money to do the whole job, wondered if the above idea is feasible really.


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Sounds like a great option. Keeping all speakers the same tonally is ideal (not sure it the different Tannoys you mention maintain this). However, the important thing is to keep the front 3 tonally the same as this is where the majority of the sound comes from. Since you are planning to change all 3 at the same time this will not be a problem for you. As a sub has no tonal component you can use any make in a system with no issues so not changing this will not be a problem either. Also when you do come to change it you will have a wide choice.
Go for it and enjoy the upgrade.


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Don't see why not....I upgraded from Kef 1005.2 to Tannoy Mercury left and right (fronts) and a Tannoy Mercury centre. Still using the Kefs as the rears. The difference is night and day. Not that the Kef's were bad, just that the bigger boxes over the eggs reveal a lot more of the sound. The centre sounds very good now too.


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Thanks guys. Mind made up now. Just gotta do the saving and do some serious "wife acceptance" gestures :)

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