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I currently have a BT Home Hub 4 running standard broadband. I connect this via cat 6 to another part of the house to a BT Home Hub 3 to extend wifi. I cant use the plug in extenders as the other part of my house has its own power supply. I partition off the ip address ranges to avoid conflict etc. and it works a treat.

At last BT are now launching superfast to my area and I have just placed my order. it feels like Christmas is coming early as we will go from <2Mbs to minimum 74mbs (or so they say).

BT will provide a new Home Hub 5 to support super fast. I will swap this out with my Home Hub4 and then swap the Home Hub 3 with the Home Hub4. Hope that makes sense. However will this still work with my current set up or do I need to upgrade the extending Hub to DSL/Super fast type? Or can I connect my ADSL Hub 4 to my Hub5 via cat 6 and enjoy superfast from my extender hub?

I could simply buy another Hub 5 but if I don't need to I wont bother. I assume I will still get a high speed wireless connection from the Hub4?

Please can you give me some advice.

PS I also connect the Hub on the end of the extension to a router as it connect to an AV system, sky, amp, projector, blu ray, playstation etc. using cat6 wire. I also distribute the HD signals round the house via pairs of cat 6 cables connecting to an Octavia unit but as I write this I realise this is really irrelevant.


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You should be fine as planned. The "speed" (or anything else) of your Internet connected router are of no relevance to any others, though you should ensure the DHCP Servers in your secondary routers are turned off so they don't serve out bum IP addresses. I'd be inclined to ensure the two routers are connected to each other using Gigabit ethernet ports for optimal performance of the router-to-router link.

If you haven't done so before, it may be worth your while reading the "Using two routers together" FAQ pinned in this forum.

I don't know how the wi-fi features of Hub4 & Hub5 compare, but there may be differences. Wikipedia might know.
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