Mixing monitor audios?

Skuffen Huffen

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hi there...

can you mix the bronze and silver series MA's?

i was thinking of the silver series from the front...RS6 and RS LCR center...
and the bronze BRFX rears..

the reviews have not been great for the silver series rears...

any thoughts!?!?!



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Don't see why not, I've got gold fronts and silver center & rears. Sounds good to me (& that's all that matters right? :)). I have to use a separate amp to drive the golds because my AV amp is not up to the job but apart from that no problems.


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I was thinking of Bronze fronts with radius rears


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i dont know about the RSFX, but my SFX are just wonderful......however if you are not sure then dont worry, the BRFX or BFX will not show up too much in difference for movies......for multichannel music you might notice a little more, depends on how precise your hearing is...heh


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Ive got RS8's/ RS LCR and R90's on the rear (space issues). Works really seamlessly. Nearly went for the BR FX's. Heard them in a brief demo and they worked well (especially for £200). You can switch between bipole and dipole on this version to. I think its just picked up a 5 star review in what hifi in BR2AV first test.

Good Luck


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