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I am looking for a good system for movies that will also do a decent job on stereo music. My initial thoughts are to buy a sub-sat package with 2 floor-standing speakers. The floor standing I can use as fronts and the extra 2 sub-sats as the rear channels in a 7.1 system.

Looking at the Mordaunt Shorts Premiere Plus with the MS 914 floor standing (they got a good review in What Hifi). I can probably get the lot for £550 so sounds like a good deal.

Anybody tried this sort of setup? Any idea if the speakers would match well or would it not sound right?


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A biggy to consider would be your center speaker. Asuming you would use a sat center speaker, this would not be a very good tonal match with your floor standers.
If you use the sats for surround only, in principle it should be OK if you are happy with the sound.
If you get your fronts tonally balanced with similar speakers and your rears tonally balanced with similar speakers I can't see any major flaws, asuming the wires all have the appropriate connections for your amp/receiver.

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Technically all MS drivers are scale versions of the same and will behave in a similar fashion to one another but I can't honestly say that I've had any feedback from people trying the same. You might want to consider the 904 (which has been recently rereleased in Avant trim and is being reviewed this month in most of the press- one best buy in Germany already) which uses the 5.25in driver instead of the 6.5in unit of the 914. This will be a closer tonal match to the 30- series driver of the premeires. The 914 is an excellent speaker (I use a pair for fronts currently) but I suspect it will not match as well as any of the 90- speakers- particularly as Stellavision says, with the 304 centre. Please PM me if you would like to discuss this in a more formal "customer support" type role.

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