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Hi, firstly, sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, but I really can't find an ideal place other than here.
(I will provide links to everything I speak about at the bottom)

So firstly, the reason I am asking, is I'd like to make the switch to an XLR mic, and I first looked at audio interfaces, but the GOXLR just seems a unique product that does everything I want, and simplifies it. But I do have some questions.

My current setup is a usb blue yeti, connected via usb and a pair of Sennhesier HD700s, connected through a JDS Atom Dac and a Topping D10 amp.

So my questions are:
1. Is this basically cheap crap that looks the part and is way overpriced (Speaking for both the GO and GO Mini) Or is it a good product, but still overpriced as they're aiming for a certain market (streamers)?
2. My headphones require 150ohms of power. Looking at the official GO website, I can't really find what headphone amp it has, but a twitter post by a company member says this:
TC Helicon Gaming
@tchelicongaming · Jan 6, 2019
Yes it does! We can push 150ohm headphones comfortably. If you get 250ohm-300ohm headphones, you can put your headphone amp behind GoXLR (do so responsibly) as those are really meant to have a dedicated amp anyways.
So I'd assume power wise it would be fine, but as for dac, again, is the dac going to be decent enough to replace the JDS Atom. In all honesty when looking for Dacs and Amps I was recommended both of these (on here actually), but as for what I am looking for, I have no idea.
3. The GOXLR mini has a +24v phantom power. Now It seems to run a condenser mic, you need 48v. Does this mean the mini is useless for anything other than dynamic mics.
4. Random question thrown in. For speech, what tends to be the better mic. Condenser or Dynamic. I know condenser is better in quiet rooms, and my room is quiet in general, but I guess mouse and keyboard clicks would be easily picked up?
I am open to the idea of other products btw. The reason the GOXLR just catches my eye so much over the typical stuff like focusrite scarlet and similar is the way it looks. I don't mean all snazzy with RGB, but simplistic. 4 volume controls and clearly marked out buttons. If I could buy this and do away with the current dac and amp I have, even better.

I think I've covered everything I want to know. I appreciate any input
GO Mini
JDS Atom
Topping D10
(Some of these links are more reviews than actual links as the products are a bit older)


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I'm not expert on these things and I've never heard of the GO XLR or Mini before but looking at your links my guess (and I stress this is a guess) would be that the sound quality for audio output would be worse than your current combination of D10s and Atom. Those are both products that are very well reviewed and generally considered to perform beyond their price points. However the combined price of those would already be getting close to the GO XLR so my guess would be that it will do everything less well including the audio output side of things.

Your link however does show the GO XLR has a 48v power supply so should be able to cover all types of mic. For studio use I think a condenser mic is generally better. When recording audio voice overs I make sure not to touch the keyboard or mouse in sections when I'm talking and then edit out sections where I was noisy later. I guess you can't really do that if you're streaming live though. Perhaps just using a quiet keyboard and mouse is the way to go (mine are very noisy mechanical things).

You probably also want to make sure you're using a decent shock mount for the mic with a pop shield and have good technique for talking into the mic (lots of YouTube videos on this stuff). After that acoustic treatment for the room will yield bigger dividends than anything else. From what little I know the Blue Yeti is a pretty good mic anyway.

For reference I don't do any streaming but I do now and again need to create videos with voice over and use the following

Rode NT USB (Mic)
Audioengine D1 (Dac and Headphone Amp)

If I wanted to switch to a Mic needing an audio interface I wouldn't swap out the D1 but just add in the audio interface (something along the lines of the Focusrite scarlet like you suggest). I might end up swapping out the D1 soon anyway as I have Zen CAN on order and I might run all the audio through the desk HiFi stack instead).

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