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Mixing brands and Kef or Q Acoustics


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Hi all

I'm in a bit of a quandary about which way to go with my HT set up. I've just built an extension and I've got a projector (from the classifieds) in there, plus a 9' screen. Initially I bought some Q Acoustics 7000i's thinking that they probably wouldn't fill the room and I'd end up taking my speakers out of the current living room (Kef reference model 1-2's), and maybe throw in a new centre like a 200c (currently got a Kef 95c).

So, now I'm thinking I want to keep my set up in the other room, and get new LCR for the new room, but use the 7000i's as surrounds. I'm thinking along the the lines of Kef Q500 or Q Acoustics 3050. I know ideally the brands should be the same for tonality etc., but is it that as much of an issue for surrounds, and would the 7000i's be ok with Kefs up front?

Currently Q Acoustics 3050's are £550, and the Kefs are £200 less which would pay for the Q200c, so essentially a free centre speaker. But then I'm thinking I should go bookshelf speakers because I've just bought a SVS PB2000 (also from the classifieds), so maybe don't need the floorstanders.

As is always the case, once you start looking you see something better for another 100 quid, and then that becomes your new budget, and up it creeps until you're looking at spending silly money and have told yourself it's reasonable (or is that just me?!!). I have started looking at R100's with R200c, but then we're into the best part of a grand and the surrounds may not even sound right and I'll end up having to change them.

I've probably got a bit of an attachment to Kef because I love my reference speakers, and I'm not massively keen on the look of the Q 3050's (I know, I know...!), but I've been going backwards and forwards on this and as always, the more I look the worse it gets!

Any advice most gratefully received.

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