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I have an svs pb2000 which I am very happy with, both for tv/movies and cranking out the oldschool hardcore techno, but the accoustics of my living room hava a few null points, and also like all good addictive things too much is never enough. the problem is the only location I have isnt quite wide enough for another pb2000, and for the music I like the sb2000 is not as good as the pb2000 (tried both, installed 2xpb2000 and 1xsb2000 in a customers house and did a bit of experimentation)
Would a PB 1000 at the other end ov my living room compliment my PB2000 or would it sound odd? Changing the furniture isnt an option as it has sentimental value to the boss.
Need some more of this:

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Great video! ;)

All kidding aside, the PB-2000 and the PB-1000 will integrate fairly well together, but they do have different tuning frequencies and internal EQ filters.

So they won't have the same exact phase response (like dual PB-2000s) - and you could experience some minor phase cancellation issues at certain frequencies (most notably around port tuning) that you wouldn't observe with dual PB-2000s.

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