Question Mixed reality, how much is required really?


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Hey guys.
I'm new here. I have a question I thought someone here might be able to answer.

I have a Valve Index and a C922 camera for VR streaming. I thought about doing some mixed reality and was hoping to find someone who has successfully done what I'm about to describe.

Is it possible to buy just one green screen stand about 3 metres wide and 2-3 metres tall (with additional material slid all the way down under me), and point the camera directly at me from behind to make mixed reality. From directly behind, maybe very slightly from the rear right, so it has a very slight angle?

What I mean to ask is if I really need to cover the whole room (don't have a dedicated room) if I'm only playing Beat Saber and hopefully Pistol Whip if I get it to work.

Hope someone can help me.



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Wow! Thanks, Ed!

I will measure and see if the camera can only see me and GS. Maybe it can zoom a little. Awesome!
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