Mixed bag to start the year


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Finally getting a few together after the Christmas panic :rolleyes:

Caught on a wire

The Mill Bridge (exchanged the heavy overdone Orton effect for this one)

The Sunday Post

Shadow Stone

Phantom 38



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I love no.1.

I think I'd also love no.2 if the Orton effect was a bit more sutble/opaque, I think as it is it's a bit over-powering.

I like no.3 too


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Hi ya

Nice set, I like the tone you have used in #1.:thumbsup:

#2 a little bit overdone for me.

Cheers Holo:smashin::smashin:


I like 1 & 2.

I just love the first one,when I saw it I just thought very nice.

I like the 2nd but im not sure about the orton type effect applied,It would have been just as nice withot it Imo.

the pahntoms pretty cool too:smashin:

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