Mitsubishi pull out of Europe, who's next?


I noticed my first Jimney yesterday, going into the street opposite. So I assume I've seen it loads of times but it never crossed my "what model is it?" radar before.


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Not yet. As an aside, when they named the Levorg did they ever think of reading backwards?
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Never noticed that before but it's a stupid name anyways. Should have just called it what it is, the Gen VI Legacy, at least that name has some history behind it.

Subaru UKs sales figures are miniscule in comparison to most other manufacturers, but the cars aren't even officially sold here so I have some confidence that they'll continue for a while longer. I just wish the importer (IM Group) would put a bit more effort into marketing the product (both Subaru and Isuzu) and bring in some of the more interesting stuff that they make. They can't continue down the current path for too much longer or it'll be too late.

More likely to disappear soon is Nissan. That's quite unfortunate as they sell well in the UK (god knows why) and they directly employ 7k people here, but they're part of a larger group and that group was looking to cut costs even before covid hit.


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I don't see Nissan going anywhere, Sunderland plant produced 350k cars last year and although staff numbers have dropped to just below 6000 and there only currently running 1 of the 2 production lines the EU remains Nissan's biggest market. They may even start building some Renault's from Sunderland. They're already planning to close the Barcelona factory but Brexit could put pressure on Sunderland.

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I don't think Suzuki cars will be going anywhere.
I used to sell them years ago and they were quite happy to plod along with mediocre sales and a small number of dealers. It was a very "friendly" franchise to have, with dealers helping each other out with vehicle swaps etc.
They were always cheaply built, but very reliable. Our warranty "burn rate" was very low.
The SJ range of "jeeps" were very big sellers, we used to go over to Holland on a regular basis to import the 1300cc soft tops, as those were never sold over here officially. It was a good money spinner.
Things started to go downhill on the quality front when they started building the SJ410's in Spain (Santana), the build quality of those early cars was absolute crap compared to the stuff that was coming in from Japan.
Also they shifted production of the Swift range to Hungary, and again the quality of the product deteriorated. The older Japanese built Swifts were great, fun little cars, especially the older Swift GS.
I enjoyed my time with Suzuki, especially the earlier years.
But then came the rollover scare............. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

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