Mitsubishi Exhibits Semispehrical OLED Display at CEATEC


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Mitsubishi have just exhibited a semispherical OLED display consisting of 696 OLED elements at CEATEC Japan 2011, which runs until tomorrow at the Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

In June 2011, Mitsubishi sold a semispherical OLED display called "Geo-Cosmos" to Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation back in June. I

Each of the OLED elements measures 32 x 32mm with a pixel pitch of 3mm and the red, green and blue sub-pixels that comprise a pixel are arrayed as stripes.


With a brightness of 1,200cd/m2 it's somewhat heavy on power consumption with 11.2kW, on average, and 22.3kW at maximum. It has a diameter of 2,700mm, and the thickness of its convex part is 680mm. Mitsubishi Electric said it is also possible to make displays that have concave-convex shapes other than the semispherical shape - should you ever need one.

One for those home movies shot in fisheye lens effect, perhaps?


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