Mistsubishi 80" DLP 82738 Need 3D Clarification


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Hi guys,

Long time browser, first time poster. I am having difficulty finding out exact information about this TV. I am purchasing this TV used, it works I have seen it work, but the previous owner never used the 3D capability of the TV so he was unable to answer this question, and searching online only gave me conflicting information. Even Mitsubishi themselves gave me conflicting info.

My question is this:

1. Does the TV have a DLP emitter internally or do I have to buy an IR Emitter. They do sell a package for $300 that has the emitter, glasses, etc in it.... however I have read other places that as long as I had a pair of active DLP glasses that I should be ok. Does anyone know concretely what I need?

Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!

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