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Evening all

As a comparatively newcomer to this AV stuff could you good people give me some direction on the above 2 speaker types.

I have had a listen to both and to be perfectly honest I think the missions just take it on sound quality. The celestions (I think) are aesthetically more pleaseing to the eye. I appreciate all the variables but on the info I have been given from (RS) are that the celestions are a better package, especially when playing audio??

Any comments most welcome.

I am considering buying the following (budget of £250 ish only!!):

1 x pair Mission M71's(f), M7C, M70's(r)


1/2 x pair Celsetion F10's (f&R), C F35, Eltax bi-polars (r) or possibly baby boomers.

Any help greatly appreciated.

&thGuest :confused:
Hi 7thGuest, got your PM :)

You say you listened to both and you preferred the Missions, you have your answer right there. Only your ears can decide this for you, people prefer different types of speakers and settings, I've always like a bright sound so my room has minimal soft furnishings where as others like a warmer sound. At the end of the day it's what you think sounds better, not what RS says is better. Mission always seem to win the budget speaker package awards in almost every mag so you can't go far wrong. Can't say I know a lot about Celestion speakers to give an opinion but I'm sure they too are up to the task.

Ask RS for another demo but take your own DVD/CDs this time and whichever makes your fav DVD scene sound better is the one to go for. Personally I prefer movies over music given the choice so I'd choose the speaker package that sounded the best for movies and it would have to do for music, you have to ask yourself what you prefer the most.

P.S - With the PS1000 if you want to achieve superior musical bass (ie tighter bass) connect the sub either at speaker level or using the high pass output, the downside is you no longer have a seperate sub just for LFE in movies (unless you have another sub of course :) )

Many thanks Apoc.

Its just like computing (my other anorak) where does it stop??

(normally with the other arf saying 'NO')



Did you know......

I was involved in building Newcastle's Richer Sounds Demo room about oh say 8 years ago, we also did Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield and Nottingham's demo rooms. We had from the time the shop shut on Saturday evening till Sunday evening to complete the demo rooms and we succeded each time, very exhausting though :eek:
They have two there now, was in the little one today.

Good Job m8



The thing that struck me about Newcastle was how St James Park suddenly appears in the town centre, don't think I've ever seen a stadium so centralised :)
Out of the two systems I would lean towards the Missions, I have had Missions in the past and found them to be very good with movies and music, also the Mission system you have put together are of the same make and range, very good for tonal matching.

The only thing I would change would be the centre, if funds allow try having a demo with the M7c2, I think that would improve the front soundstage. Apart from that I think you have chosen well. Welcome to Home Cinema.

The only speaker you haven't allowed for is the sub, though Apocalypse has mentioned the PS1000, is this a sub you already own? If not then you will be missing out on the lower frequencies, try and keep clear of the really cheap boom boxes, they will drag the sound of your system down, you will need a fairly good budget so it is worth saving, if a new sub is out of your reach then try looking at 2nd hand, there have been a few bargins on the classifieds recently, so visit there as often as you can, a little birdie told me a Rel Q150 could be on there shortly. ;)

All the best
Muchos Grasias Bob,

I have to admit I did think the missions sounded a little bit better but in fairness they were tested at two different sites!! I will go back to RS today and get them to put both systems up.

As for the sub, I knew I wouldn't get it past you lot, you are quite right I have Apoc's old one, and what a difference it makes. I know I haven't got it setup quite right yet but I don't think I'm too far away.

Anyway must head off for the daily grind, thanks again.


7ThGuest ;)
And what did he buy??????????? :D :D
7th Guest, just to warn you, Richer sounds will ALWAYS try to sell there own equipment (eg, Gale, celestion, cambridge audio) to any one who does quite know there way. Even if their own products are crap, they will still try to tell you that its the best!

I have lost alot of respect for richer sounds, hence my negative feedback.
Thanks to everyone (except ph - only joking)

I have managed to buy some speakers albeit not the ones that I first thought. I ended up buying 5 ELAC Cinema 1 sats. Although tiny, so far I have been very impressed, the mid and high ranges are really clear and there is even some reasonable bass. The bottom end is being taken care of by my PS1000 so no real problems.

I got them from a local dealer (Global HiFi) who has the same 2 week return policy as RS. I have a set of Wharfedale Diamond 8.2's, a Wharfedale Centre & Bipoles if these don't cut the mustard.

If anyone has any thoughts/horror stories I am all ears for the next 2 weeks!!

Cheers anyway

7ThGuest :)

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