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I'm considering getting a budget front-speaker L/R/C combo to go with my Denon 3802, and would like to get feedbacks on experience with the sound quality of the following speakers and/or combos:

- Mission m73's and m72i center
- Mission m35i's and m3c2i center
- Wharfedale Diamond 8.4's and Diamond 8 center



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I have the M73/72 combo. They sound great, but I have an Arcam amp which is warm-sounding. Your Denon amp has a more sharp tone, so I would recommend you try the warmer Diamond speakers before either of the Mission setups.

Use the M73's in a small/medium room - the other two need more space to breathe and will boom if not given enough.


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Once you've narrowed it down based on your room size, nothing beats trying them out for yourself if you can find a showroom that stocks them.

I was after a budget system and I love rock/alternative dance music; everything pointed towards the B&W 603s with their deep base and rich treble. I got a chance to compare them side by side them with the cheaper Warfedale 9.1s on my shortlist and the latter is what I went for. The B&Ws just didn't suit my ears so to speak. I didn't like the slightly forward trebble.

You just have to try them yourself. It also helped that the listening room I was in wasn't too much bigger than my room though.

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