Mission Subwoofers, M7as v M70as



I'm looking at the following two subwoofers and was wondering if there is any difference in price/performance?

I've been offered a second hand M7as for £180 (which I'm told is sonically superior to the M70as)
However I can get a 'new' M70as for £180 from www.hifijunkies.co.uk

Can anyone offer me any advice on this?


As far as I'm aware the M70as is the M7as, don't you mean the M5as? If you do then the M5as looks to have the better spec, as to the sound/price difference M5as is about £400 but should give a better perfomance.

Specs for Mission M70as:
Enclosure Type Reflex Loaded
Frequency Response 3db 38Hz to 150kHz
Sensitivity SPL/m/2.83V N/A
Cross-Over Frequency 50Hz to 150kHz
Effective Volume 32 litres
Nominal Impedance N/A
Amplifier power Integral 100W Amp
Dimensions (HxWxD) 440 x 270 x 539(mm)
Finish Graphite Black

Specs for Mission M5as:
Enclosure Type Reflex Loaded
Frequency Response 3db 28Hz to 150kHz
Cross-Over Frequency 50kHz to 150Hz
Effective Volume 52 litres
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm compatible
Int. Amplifier power 350 W/Ch
Dimensions (HxWxD) 580 x 350 x 505 (mm)
Finish Beech Rosewood Graphite Black


Thanks for the reply Bob007,
There are indeed two idifferent subwoofers from Mission called M7as & M70as.
Whether or not the M70as is a replacement for the M7as or not I don't know?

I was just wondering what the difference is (if any)?


The mission M7as active Subwoofer is the ideal choice for middle to larger home cinema installations, the extension for abyss-deep basses. A switching on mechanism, a high level and a LINE of entrances with variable phase and adjustable cross-over frequency has active Subwoofer to the mission M7as. 25cm driver, bass reflex, 40 litres of EFF. Housing of integrated achievement amplifiers 100W cross-over frequency 40Hz - 180Hz frequency response ±3dB 30Hz - black foliert


Missions M70as Homepage


They are indeed different, I put a search in for the M7as/M70as and it came back as the same sub in the results, even on Missions site.

Just had another look and have found this.

This looks like the old M5as


....and this is the current one shown on missions web site.


So it could be that the M70as is the replacement for the M7as. As the old M5as is similar to the M7as you have shown.

The M7as looks to have slightly better specs than the M70as, has a bigger enclosure, lower freqency response.

If it indeed does go down to 30Hz IMO that would be a better choice than the M70as which only reaches 38Hz, (so they state) this to me would be more of a mid-woofer, a decent set of fronts could go deeper. If you can find a stockist with the two subs you are interested in best advice would be to go and have a demo. ;)

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