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i'm looking to buy a pair of Mission 752's in rosewood

does anyone have any ideas where I can get them



You should probably try and audition them before you buy. If you want to get a cheaper deal online then you may find it difficult; it is mostly entry-level speakers that are sold in this way, because most people will want to audition the more expensive models. So you will probably have to find a specialist dealer and arrange an audition.

Obviously you could do a search on google and see if there are any internet dealers who sell them, but probably best to get an audition anyway.

Matt F

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The 752F are the ones to go for - they replaced the 752 a few years ago and offered a more refined tweeter. I owned a pair for a while - very nice speakers, lovely midrange, bass not as deep as you would expect given their size - you need to experiment a lot with placement - this can give a better bass response.

The problem you will have is finding any, especially if you are after a particular finish, because they were discontinued a while back so you may not find any new ones. You may have to take the second hand route.



Oops! Ignore what I said in my previous posting! Instead of the 752 I was thinking of the new m5 series (m52, m53 etc) and forgot about the 7. What a fool! That will teach me to read things more carefully!!:)

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