Mission Speakers Bass And Bungs ????


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I saw a post a while ago about mission speakers being too bassy
someone said that they used bungs that were provided,having just bought a new pair of missions i was wondering what these bungs were and were to put them as i do agree they are quite rich in bass.
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If the rear of the speaker is located to near a wall you may find you end up with a certain amount of boom, the bungs are there to control it, the bungs can also tone down the amount of bass. To fit the bungs just push them in the port on the rear of the speaker.


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If you don't have the bungs (they are made of foam like a sponge you use in the bathroom) you can instead use a pair of rolled up socks in the rear port instead. Or get a couple of carwash sponges from Halfords and cut to size. My Mission M73's have the bungs in and the bass is not as low as without bungs, but is much tighter. Better all-round with bungs in:D These speakers work better in a small room when "bunged" too.


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Thanks i still have the bungs i wondered if thats what they were for , didn't want to put them in untill i was sure.

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speak to mission uk, they sent me 2 for free. a nice guy called graham sorted me out.


At the lower end of the speaker's frequency response, the gain of the speaker "rolls off" very quickly. Putting bungs in the bass port makes this "rolling off" section less severe. This causes the bass frequencies to be of lower amplitude than they were originally.


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Originally posted by Nobber22
the bass is not as low as without bungs, but is much tighter.

That's what I was trying to say, Stu. I just didn't have the technical terms to hand:) . Nice one.:cool:

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