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Discussion in 'Drone Forum' started by drewberts, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Hi All

    I have a DJI Phantom Pro4 and am looking to improve my mission planning. I currently fly using Litchi and set my missions up using the desktop mission hub. The issue with the hub is I want to set up my missions using a grid with image overlap calculations - Litchi only allows you to set up missions by manually setting way points by clicking on the locations. This results in a "wobbly" grid and there is no way of knowing how much overlap I'll get using this method.

    The DJI app doesn't let you set missions up this way (I understand you have to fly the area first to create way points - whats that all about?).

    I have used both Precision Flight and Pix4D Capture to set up missions and whilst these both work well - especially Pix4D there seems no way to export the mission for import into other software, meaning you are stuck with having to fly using their apps.

    Am I missing something crucial here or is this a well known problem? What solutions are people using out there for this problem?

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