Mission MX1 vs B&W DM601 S2


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I've done hours of googling and searching for a few weeks now, and now really need to decide on a pair of speakers.
My 2 current favorites are:

Mission MX1 - £150 new and available from Richer Sounds (about 60 miles away so perhaps could hear them in there?)
B&W DM601 S2 - These would s/h be from the bay, and seem to be similar (or a little less) money.

Now I like the size of the Missions, as I have a pair of Gale Gold Monitors, and these are a perfect size.
Does anyone have an opinion on either of these two speakers??
They're for use in a bedroom AV setup, the room is... probs 4.5m by 3.5m maybe?...
I'd be using a Pioneer VSX-515, and would use it for 60-70% music, and the rest movies, xbox etc...
They'd be connected with my Chord Carnival Silverscreen cable which I've just got..
Now I know the Missions have a matching centre speaker, and a nice priced sub.. but then I could get the B&W DM600 for rears for the 601s...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I really can't work out which one to go for, one being small and 5 star what hifi, and the b&w being a consistently well regarded, albeit larger pair.

Also, as my current setup is:
The Gales gold monitors for fronts,
Tannoy Mercury Centre (which is very dull and lifeless and awful!),
Tannoy fx sub - that's the hugee one,
and the tannoy sats as rears...
It will all get replaced at some point, but im looking at just fronts for now, as i mainly use stereo)


Edit: Also, The reason I haven't considered the Monitor Audio BR1s is for the fact I think they're butt ugly!! :D
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Surely what with the large amount of B&W owners someone has an opinion?? :(
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