Mission M7c1 and M7ds crossover query.

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I have my M7c1 centre and my M7ds bi-pole rears set to small as advised by a realiable source.

Firstly, is that correct? When I first purchased them I was under the impression that they could be set to large as I thought that they could handle lower freq'.
However, I have since been advised that they cannot go too low and this could blow or damage the drivers.

Not a problem, as I have simply configured them to small. However, this then opens up the cross over option on my amp, a Sony strdb870, for both speakers. Presently, I have them set at 120hz which is the amps default cross-over. However, I am totally unsure how to set them to get the best from them set to small.
I understand that THX recommend 80hz as a cross-over but then again, they are not THX spec.

if you can, please advise. All advice taken on board.

By the way, the M72 fronts are set to large.



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Setting the crossover at 120hz sends frequencies lower than this to the subwoofer, so your amp is sending less bass to the speakers than if it was set at 80hz.

If you have a sub, then set all speakers to small and crossover to 80hz, the sub can handle lower frequencies than a normal pair of speakers.

hope this helps.

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