MISSION M74i or Wharfedale Diamond 10.2


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Hi All

As above I am looking to upgrade my front 3 speakers. I have found the above 2 sets of speakers and thought either would be great for my fronts but I thought I would ask on here to see which would be best for my current setup. Both the sets are £80. I have my rear surrounds which are 2x Royd audio minstrels. My sub is an ancient Kenwood 12" but it seems to do the job.

I have not bought a centre speaker yet but I am on the lookout. I have been offered a Kef cresta sp3322 for £20 but I'm not sure on the quality. I have also found a B&W centre speaker but the tweeter is heavily dented and I'm unsure if this will affect the sound.
Any help is very much appreciated. Also just to add that my amp is a Teac AG-D200 and I mainly use my PC hooked up to the amp via HDMI. I also mainly use the setup to watch movies.

Rich Marshall

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I had the M74's a few years back, with enough power they rock the house!
If you can try to keep the front 3 from the same make and range, it integrates the sound better across the front, especially for music concerts etc.
The centre for the M74's would be the M7C2.

Don Dadda

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As said, best practice is to keep the front 3 the same for reasons already stated.

I have the 10.2's and I recommend them highly. I use them on a 2.0 setup and the missus abuses them every weekend while cooking and they do not complain :D.
Its centre is the diamond 10 CS but the Diamond 10's are discontinued so the chances of getting a center for the 10s are becoming slimmer.

However, there still a few about - see here


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Not heard the wharfedales, but I am sure they will be good too. Might well be easier to get a matching centre as they are newer than the missions.

I recommended the M74 as I have some and love them.

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