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    I'm currently using the Mission M72 5.1 speaker package which still works since buying it 12 or 13 years ago. It consists of the M72 mains, M7C2 center (upgraded from the M7C1 which wasn't so good), and M7DS bipole surrounds. I'm moving them to my new house and hoping to upgrade to Atmos setup by adding the extra speakers to existing setup.

    Listening position is on the sofa which is up against the back wall, therefore there's no space to place surrounds at a distance behind the sofa.

    I have no intention of changing the entire speaker package as they all still work, but I may change the surrounds if they can be improved. Am I better off keeping the M7DS bipole surrounds or should I change them for front-firing speakers? If the latter, which would be suitable speakers to use which will be tonally matched with the rest of the rest of the speakers? Also, for the 5.1 setup, should the surrounds be placed on the back wall or side wall? I've had those bipole speakers placed on the side walls and right up to the ceiling (the speakers were upturned a recommended for when placing them up there) but found that they often drained out the mains and sometimes went uncomfortably loud. If I reduced their level down a notch, the sound was too low and the more subtle sounds couldn't be heard. Therefore very difficult to decide on the setting, whether to have them too high or too low. Is there a preference for whether the 5.1 surrounds go on the rear or side wall whether they are front-firing or bipole?

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