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Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

I have a couple of Mission M71 Speakers which I quite like, but I would still like to upgrade...

I'm looking at a pair of Mission 763 (not the 763i).

I'm hoping to get them at around 160 €. I am in Portugal where the market is very small and pricey... we never get the kind of prices I see on, for example. But since speakers are a big thing to post, I'm trying to buy here...

A few questions:

1. Is it an upgrade? Or am I confusing model numbers?

2. Does anyone know and recommend these 763?

Thanks in advance for any comments!

Timmy C

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I've never heard the M71 but I have little doubt the 763 will sound better assuming they are in full working order. It's a long long time since I owned a pair so I couldn't even describe the sound now but I know I liked them at the time. Given their age you will want to check over the drivers carefully before buying and be sure to hear them working.

Just one thing to point out. As far as I remember, the 76 series was replaced by the 77 series of speakers. However, the 75 series were much better speakers than both the 76 and 77 series. I think they came out roughly around the time of the 76i series. If you can find some 75's within your budget I would seriously consider those instead.


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Thanks, I really appreciate your answer!

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "check over the drivers carefully before buying"? Is this a visual check? I don't know what "the drivers" are... sorry for my ignorance.

Timmy C

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The drivers are the speaker cones. I sold my 764's to a friend many years ago and once he'd finished with them he asked if he could store them in my garage. By the time he collected them again, the surrounds on the bass drivers appear to have perished to some degree. I don't think this is a problem with these particular speakers though, more of a general problem with any old speakers that have perhaps not been kept in optimal conditions. You should be able to tell simply by looking at them if they are in good shape but be sure to listen to them also to ensure there's no internal problems.

I think I sold my 763's around 10 years ago after having had them untouched in storage for at least 10 years and the drivers were still in pristine condition. My point is, if they have been well looked after then buying old speakers can be a cheap way to get a nice sound improvement.

Edit: If you look at the pic I posted you can see a black rim around the white speakers cone. As I remember it, it was coated in a silk like material (at least on the 764's it was) and it had started to flake and peel. I think they still sounded ok though but it could have been a sign of worse to come.
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