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John Clark

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I´m thinking about buying the M-cube system after reading excelent reviews from What Hifi and other magazines. But after searching this forum and the web I´m getting mixed feelings about it. Does anyone here own a set and be willing to share his views on them (pros and cons)?

I will be using them in my living room hooked up to a denon 2805 with the sub directly infront of me more or less.

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John Clark


Hi John,

I've also pretty much decided on the M-cube - moving into a new flat where space is of the essence, and I particularly like the styling.

I'd also be interested in knowing others thoughts on these, but more importantly - does anyone know where you can get them! Mission seems to have gone into receivership and been taken over, but no-one I have spoken to has any stock or idea when they will be available again.




I spoke to Mission themselves two weeks ago who admitted that they are currently impossible to find due to the adminstration issues. Basically their suppliers refused to ship whilst the financial problems were occuring.

At the time they said that all m-cubes were on back order for 8 weeks so it'll now be approx. 6 weeks before they're back in the dealers hands.

The email address for the person at Mission giving me info was [email protected]


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Mission have been taken over by IAG (the same group as who own Quad and Wharfdale). M-Cubes are NXT panel speakers so if it helps I have a Mission FS2-AV system which is also NXT based so can offer an opinion on that. This technology works in a different way to conventional loudspeakers and is limited in bass so the subwoofer has to take over more of the load. On the plus side they are less directional than conventional speakers so positioning is less important. I'm quite happy with the sound of mine but as I've upgraded my AV setup I am now looking to upgrade in the near future. However, for a Denon 2805 the M-cube should be fine.

another pint

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I have a set of M-Cube's wired to an Arcam AVR300.

It took me quite a while to set them up so that they sound natural in my room with both music and voice, but now I'm happy with them, plus they are very wife friendy!

Matt Horne

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How about looking at the Anthony Gallo Diva + sub 5.1 sets you can buy now.. Not sure how much the Missions packages cost.. but I run various Gallo speakers which are a wife friendly and sound very good :)

£800 for 5 x micros + sub
and around £1100 for 5 Divas + sub..


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