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mission impossible

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by rasubida@yahoo., Aug 22, 2002.

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    hello to all of you out there! i have a good system that i bought a year ago but still im very much native about how to set-up my system properly to enjoy what they called "home cinema"like. i have bose am10 spkrs and recently bought yamaha sub sw-305 with the advice of kevin (from av forums).my problems are:in the catalogue of bose am10 it says that my speaker setting at the receiver should be "LARGE' but in my receiver manual it says it should be "SMALL" if you have small speakers.then i've red in home cinema mags the surround speakers should be set in "small" at the receiver. WHEW! im really confused! secondly,my yammy sw-305 don't know about which hertz will i choose to have have a good base output.my am10 manual doesn't mentioned any frequency response of my speakers. at the moment all i have here is my subwoofer the rest of my systems are in the philippines.all i want from you dear is your good advice so that when i go for vacation in december i have already guidelines on what to do next and most of all enjoy my system.when i heard those cinema sound quality i was really impress! didn't even know how complicated it was for a poooor guy like me who doesn't know anything but to listen. i really hate those manuals (for obvious reasons) really can't understand. so please help me guys! i know you're all expert on these matter.THANX. by the way these are my equipments:rxv800,nakamichi MB-10cd player,yammydvds796,ystsub305(quite good huh! BUT doesn't know how to use it.

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