Mission FSAV1 for Sony 1080

Paul Fraser

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I'm thinking of buying the two above. Are they a good match? Comments? Should I be looking at different speakers for the Sony? Or a different rec. than the Sony?

Does the 1080 have the facility to sort the sound delay problems on a Panasonic plasma screen (might buy the rebadged Tosh if RS ever get more) or do I need to look at the likes on the 555 for that?

Finally (draws breath) are there any places in Glasgow where I can hear this kit together?

Peter Shilton

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I have the 1070 with my FS1s and whilst I am happy with them, I have yet to be absolutely astounded, which when you think the retail price of these 2 is over a grand then I believe I am entitled to be astounded!!!

I am sure it is down to settings.

I need an Avia test disc and decent sound meter but Im not paying the best part of £100 for something I will hardly use.


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i set these up on a mates sony amp and to be honest it sounded quite edgy, i certainly couldnt live with it myself.
we tried my denon amp on it and it improved things no end, alot smoother.
And we tried his marantz 4200 ? think thats the model number that he had bought as a decent cheaper second amp for work (just for demoing games) and we both thought that although not as good as the denon it was far batter than the sony, or should i say easier to listen too.
If you like an sharper sound then the sony may be a better choice.

Cant you listen to these somewhere, they are in just about every store you go into ?

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