Mission FS2AV satellites for Atmos


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My Sony DN1080 has given up, being replaced by a Denon AVR-X2700H. Current speakers are Quad L series for the 5 and a Yamaha sub for the .1.

Thinking of adding height speakers, but want something that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, Placing wedges on top of my birds eye maple Quads is not an option, so looking at ceiling height placement, then remembered an old Mission FS2AV system I have in storage. But would the NXT satellite speakers be suitable? They’re 8ohm, require 35-75W/Ch but frequency response starts at 235Hz (to 20kHz), I’m thining that quite a range isn’t going to be heard. Should I look at something like the Cambridge Audio Minx?

Also, should I opt for the .2 sub?



The Minx are a popular speaker for Atmos duties. Their light weight and small size make them perfect to actually fit to a ceiling in the correct position. They can placed on the front wall as height speakers and angled towards the MLP but are no so effective in this position as they will be further away from that MLP considering where a correct ceiling speaker would be placed.

You have speakers there already and it would take very little effort for you to try them on the front wall and see if they suit. Lucky you Sony has died because you'd have trouble getting it to portray DTS:X and Neutral. No such problems with the Denon and it is really easy to set up and use.

As for subs, two is better than one as it will help cut down on nulls in the room. It's best to use exactly the same model of sub.


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True, the only thing missing is wire to connect the FS2s, just have to hope they have the range. I’ll see how they cope before looking at other options. Fairly common Yamaha sub, so that can go on the Christmas list!


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Denon are very naughty, the video on the Donon webpage for the X2700H is of the X3700H, there was me thinking I was getting a 9.2 set up. I take it the two rear back channels are the assignable ones? So Atmos placement would be ceiling height in front on the listener?

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