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Aug 11, 2003
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Wiring up the FS2 is a piece of cake too, thanks to Mission's own 'umbilical cord', which connects to the speaker and sub outputs on the back of your AV amplifier at one end, and the FS2-S sub at the other. The satellites all plug into the sub via Mission's flat, low-profile speaker cable. If you take time setting up the FS2-AV properly, the whole system is so unobtrusive, it's almost invisible.

do its connect to a normal amp ??
Originally posted by jasonjbj
do its connect to a normal amp ??
Yes, the "umbilical cord" that runs from the subwoofer terminates in five pairs of speaker wire for connection to the amplifier terminals as well as a single phono plug to connect to the subwoofer pre-out on the amplifier.


they were worth considering at there original rrp which was over £600
but now they're being knocked out for about £250 they're a great buy. They sound better when setup as suggested (Positioning wise) top corners for fronts and rears etc...
Could always contact Ben at http://www.discounttv.co.uk/ he sold me my set 2 years ago and was an invaluable source of advice. Plus the price was unbeatable. Suggest contacting him by phone as he can sometimes better the price thats online. He checks the forums regularly too.

I've just picked up my new Kef Q series speakers from him and a new sub :)
yep it's working

They FSAV2 package is marked at £299 on the site though, they're number is 01282 864048 if you'd rather call em (i'd defo recommend it)
when i play a live concert is sounds wrong
sounds really bad
what ma i doing wrong
sound better in 2 chan than dts
Apparantly they take about 24hours of listening to 'break in' or something.
I got mine 2nd hand... pre run-in if you like, and they sound great.
I dont know if many in the forums would call them entry level - I think they would be more mid range....but then what do I know?

What I can tell you however, is that if u set them up as per in the corners of the room, about a foot below the ceiling corner, and centre just above or below the tv, which ever is your preference, then they do sound very nice indeed. Yes they do also need breaking in for at least 24 hours.

The only quible I have is that the connections to the sub could have been better than spring clips. However this is minor.

Pair this package with a Denon 2803 and it does sound great. And for £300 delivered its also good value.

Have fun.
Moved cause it's not an amp discussion now...

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