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I'm going to get some Mission FS1 speakers (WAF), and was wondering where to put the rear speakers.

The sofa is against the rear wall, and side walls are not an option. This means that I'm going to have to mount them on the rear wall. I was going to mount them right in the wall/ceiling corner facing 45 degrees down. However, looking at the room, we have cornicing which makes this pretty difficult. So that leaves either on the wall (at near ceiling height) facing directly across the room, or on the ceiling facing down to the sofa.

Any opinions on which would be best?



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I had a friend make me up four little wooden brackets to sit in the 4 corners of the room, then I fixed the 4 wall mounting brackets for my FS1's (I bought 2 extras from Mission) to the wooden brackets in the corners. So each flat panel sits right in the corner, this looks quite neat and sounds good and gets a (relative) thumbs up from the wife!



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Unfortunately I only have three corners - one of them's more of a curve. Hence the notion of placing them at the wall/ceiling corner.


I mounted mine on the cornice - they still fit quite neat against them. I got another set of tapered end caps from Mission to make them look symmetrical. Only thing is as cornice is plaster make sure you use decent plasterboard fixing plugs. By the way mine are white and disappear onto a white cornice - now I have had the grills recovered from light grey to white.


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gdickin2 - Are yours to the side or both on the rear wall?

I was actually looking at the cornice the other day. It sounds like you've got the same sort as me - proper ones rather than stuck on wooden ones. I think it may actually be possible to mount them on the side cornice, a couple of feet forward of the of the listening position, pointing down at 45ish degrees at opposite sides of the room. (Although I don't have a side wall, there's a lintel across the window bay that has enough space to mount a speaker).

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