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As part of my upgrade to a Plasma tv I am looking for some surround sound speakers and these Mission jobbies caught my eye. Ive read the review on Home cinema choice and the downers seem to be not very good if you want big volume or strong bass. This is fine with me as my neighbours wouldnt be too pleased with big volumes so my question is are there any other
negatives about the FS1 system. Also in the reviews it was a 5.1 system but the ones for sale now are all 6.1 systems. Where does the 6th speaker go?

ps. I will probably be getting the Denon 2106 to go with this lot if that makes a difference?

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Hi I had a set of these (5.1) a year ago

They are very good for movies but poor for music.

The set up is unconventional as the sats connect to the sub and the sub connects to the amp via an umbilical cord.

I think the reason for this is that the flat panel speakers can't handle low frequencies so the sub has to handle them.

The bonus for me is that they where wifey approved due to the size and styling.

Had the centre speaker changed under wty twice due to buzzing at a certain frequency.

I was a bit miffed after buying these as the 6.1 came out a few weeks later.
The sixth speaker is a centre rear surround btw

I only upgraded so my new sub can blow the doors off! :devil:

Hope this helps

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