Mission FS1 and 6.1/7.1?


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I have heard that you cannot use the Mission FS1 in a 6.1/7.1 system.

However, couldn't you just buy two sets of FS1s. Plug the three front channels into one sub then into the AMP, then plug the three (or four) back surround channel into the other sub then into the AMP and just use a y-splitter to split the LFE channel into each sub?

What does everyone think?


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the cheaper route with the FS-2 series was always to buy a Mission ds series pair of speakers (or single one)... m7-ds, m77-ds or similar.

approx £100 from various places.

the fs-2s series has the advantage of being able to link pairs of the flat speakers together.. not sure if this is possible with the fs-1s-- (probably lost to lower cost?)

so whilst combining 2 sets of fs-1 speakers is possible, it wont be without wasting 3 speakers in a 7.1 setup.

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