Mission FS1&2 or M7's?



As posted below I am planning a new HC set up. Having quickly priced about I can get either:

Front M73's, Centre M7c2, Back M7DS's = about £359


FS1 = about £349


FS2 = about £399

I think the FS1 looks best but its sound thats most important,:rolleyes: due to where I live I wont get a chance to hear either so I would like some personal opinions on this. I have heard M73's and i liked them, that is all I have to go on. My room is about 8 meters x 5 meters. Any advice would be great.:)
Empire direct are doing the fs2 for £375 (I think). You can buy me a beer with the money you'd save :D
I bought the FS1s as they were newer and therefore I figured they were updated. But now I read that the FS2s are supposed to offer slightly better sound, and the FS1s are more of a 'lifestyle' product. :rolleyes:

I don't really understand, as the FS2s were small anyway....
QED have FS 1's for £313 last time i checked - worth a look i think.

Bought mine from Audio T as a price match to QED (but not quite matching the price - if you see what i mean!) - but i did then get a 3 yr warranty included from AT...

Audio T told me the FS2 is dicontinued and replaced by the FS1 - which is next generation NXT - sub spec is also 10Hz lower i think?

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