mission FS-1 connection to sub



advise please
mission FS-1 package and Sony STD1080 amp

i'm placing the sub at the opposite end of the room to the amp.

now apparently its 1 cable from amp to sub, then all 5 speakers into the sub.

to save me having to run 3 cables ( and all the associated fun ) back from the sub ( back of room ) to the front and centre speakers at the other end of the room, could i do the following.

cable from amp to sub
cables for rear speakers only from sub

cables for front and centre speaker directly from the amp ( in very close vacinity )

thereby saving me running 3 cables back down a 13 ft lounge.

Ok i could try it to see what happens, but not being up to speed enough in this area, i don't want to chance blowing my new speakers up.

1. would this work ?

2. if so then no doubt i need to know how the big / small speaker setting or anything else are effected, need tweaking ?



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Just a couple of points...

The cable from sub to amp is not very long - 3m i think - so you will need to get a longer one from Mission - i believe these are available.

I think you need to run all cables to sats from the sub because of the crossover characteristics required to match the sound i guess.

Also the cable for the sub is quite thick - so bear this in mind when you decide how to hide it! (the sat cables are quite thin)

Extra cables are available in 5, 10 and 20m runs, all direct from Mission and are resonably priced - look in the phone book for Mission in Huntingdon I think and you will find the number.



thks rowbos

looks like i'll have to move the amp to the back oft the room and run flat scarts back to the tv.

i can't see how else i can hide that snake of a connection cable.
what a monster

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