Mission 780SE as fronts or....?


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Aug 15, 2007
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I'm about to invest in an AV receiver and set up a 5:1 surround system.
I will want to use the front speakers to play music too.
I'm undecided whether to retain my Mission 780SE for use as fronts and buy individual rears, centre and sub or go for a 5:1 speaker package such as the Kef 2005:3.
The Missions were bought in 1991 and to my ears, still reproduce great sound for music but I'm unsure whether they will now be inferior to the more modern Kefs. I see the Kefs get great reviews for home cinema but how will they compare to the Missions for CD and iPod music ?

What do you think?
I have 780se for fronts and a 780 centre and 780 rears (essentially the same speakers all round) and it's a nice little setup. Obviously if you want to keep your 780se fronts in a 5.1 system you will need to find speakers that tonally match or the sound will change as it pans around? I'm not sure what would be a good sound match for your missions, (more missions probably) but someone here will no doubt be able to help:)
Thanks vm for the reply.....I don't really have the space for multiple 780's but I take your point. I'll see what other snippets of info I get from the very helpful AVFORUM community (massive hint)

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