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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by baileych, May 5, 2002.

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    I'm looking for some bipole/dipole rear speakers. (BTW what exactly is the difference between dipole and bipole. Both terms seem to be applied to speakers that look like cinema rears and radiate sound outwards.)

    Arrghh, Mission do so many variations.

    How different are the outgoing 77ds and the new 78ds? I've looked at the specs and they seem to be different drivers and crossover but otherwise similar specs. Obviously the 78ds have the surrounding frame. Is this supposed to isolate them from the wall or something or is it purely decorative?

    Should I consider the m5ds? I thought that the m5 range were supposed to be low end but they seem to go a bit lower than either the 77ds or 78ds? Anybody know the RRP on these?

    I have the chance of a deal on the 78ds (RRP £350??) but RicherSounds are clearing the old 77ds (original RRP £200?) at half price at the moment.

    I have B&W 603 S2, CS6 S2 at the front and had considered their DS6 surround. It seemed overpriced though and some people have said that they're really only designed for prologic freqency range.

    I'm really interested on opinions if 'money no object' to get a feel for the differences. Then I can find the best prices and make my own sound per pound decision. (I normally don't mind a small premium for better quality!)



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