Mission 773e..or Mission 771e's...or stick with my 702e's???



Well ive kinda gone and got the av bug..thinking of upgrading everything :thumbsup: :D ...ive got 702e's at the moment for fronts...have a mission 77c1 on the way...and would very much like to get my hands on some 77ds for rears. Just wondering whether its worth..matching up the centre with some..773e's??? seen some on ebay that are going..no idea how much they will go for...actually has anyone any idea what would be a fair price for a set if i ever do upgrade my 702e's..Any help on this would be much appreciated :)




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773e were very well regarded and i always wanted a pair (they look well cool), the cinema 7 series which they were in was often considered the best sounding 'budget' speaker system. You should pay around £100 for a second hand pair or go upto £150 if there in pefect nick.
They originaly retailed for £400 i think but richer was forever nocking them out for £200ish (maybe it was £800 and richer was selling them for £400, i'm sure someone will be able to correct me)


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£400 - i've had a pair for 5 years and love 'em! :thumbsup:

i use them with a teac ref 500 system. i now have a plasma, and use the std teac and missions for sound - perfectly adequate for us.

i've just been reading all the negative posts from way back on the 773e's :eek: alot of people think they lack bass. i have only ever been pleased with the performance (music and films) so i guess each to their own.

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