Mission 771 and Maplin stands



I have put the speakers on the stands and immediately heard a single deep note at the bass register, whatever I listened to. It was so unpleasant that I had to turn off the subwoofer, Rel Strata. L96AB maplin code.
If I fill the stands with sand, I wont be able to return them, but I dont find them an improvement. They make the speakers sound very "bass" but it does not do anythin for the music. Before I had the speakers on a shelf above the amp.

The stand is heavy duty steel, and at 21in I have put the speakers upsidedown to get the tweeter at ear level when I am sitting down.
Any thoughts on what I should do?


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The speakers are designed to be used right side up so I would suggest that's how you use them. I'm pretty sure the designers realised that with the tweeter below the woofer, most people wouldn't have it at ear level, and tuned the sound accordingly. I used to have Mission 773e's, and they always sounded fine with the tweeters where they were (a fair bit below ear level). It might even have something to do with your bass problem, though I couldn't say...

If you're curious about the effect of the stands compared to other stands, why not get a pair of decent stands from Richer Sounds (say, the Atacama Nexus 6, or maybe SE24?) and try them out. If these stands don't improve things, you can always take them back for a refund (within 14 days).




I agree with dunkyboy, get some decent SE24's, and put a bag in the chamber and fill it with sand, about 2/3's of the way and see how you like that. Oh, and use the speaker the right way up ;)

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