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Mission 752Fs - centre to match??


Standard Member
Before I start, I do realise that I'm aproaching this backwards.

Having purchased a 42" Panasonic and Bluray last christmas and being delighted with it, it's time to add a surround set-up. I have aquired from a friend a pair of Mission 752 Freedoms, according to him fairly easy to drive. Also, seeking a discreet(ish) system I've bought a pair of JBL SP511s for the surrounds. I've yet to add the centre speaker (bought a Mission 77C off eBay but had to return it due to damage).

Oh, and I've still to buy a receiver! Thinking perhaps the Onkyo 508 based on good reviews and compatibility with the Panasonic (switchs on/off with the Tv etc).

Any thoughts? Looking to spend not much on a centre but don't want it to clash with the 752s. Also any experience of the Onkyo with floorstanders of this type?

Any advice welcome.


Distinguished Member
Mission speakers are normally regarded as bright sounding so may not pair well with the bright sounding Onkyo. Yamaha, Denon or Marantz recievers would normally be recommended with mission speakers. If you do want the Onkyo make sure you demo first to ensure it sounds OK to you.
As for the centre get one from the same make/model as your fronts as this is the best way to get it to match. You can get one from another make but make sure you demo again to ensure it sounds OK to you.


Standard Member
That's interesting. I certainly don't want a bright sounding system and would probably listen to music/radio more than movies. My plan had been to drag the missions into a local store to audition an amp. I'm not hell bent on the Onkyo but the compatibility is a draw. I'd probably listen to a Yamaha as well. I got some heavy Linn cable with the speakers which should help the sound.

Not having much experience with surround at all, how would a mismatched centre speaker effect the overall experience? I thought it was pretty much just vocals from the centre.


Distinguished Member
The problem with a mismatched centre is that as a sound moves across the screen it will sound different as it passes through the centre speaker. The centre speaker normally does the vocals but also any sound that is tied to the screen. Hence as something moves from say left to right on the screen the sound it makes will move through the centre speaker. Now you may not notice the difference but if you do it can become very distracting. Having the front 3 matching is all about having the sound integrated across the front.

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