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Hi guys
im looking at a pair of mission 751 speakers to go with my 75c speaker in a av setup
and would like to know if the 751 are screened thinking about my tv and the guy that owns them doesent know any ideas? thanks:smashin:


Will not being shielded affect anything at the usual (main) speaker spacing from the TV? I presume that your TV will sit in the middle and not have a speaker right next to it?

By the way good how is the 75c?


chris l.

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Not 751's, but hyperfi.co.uk are doing various deals on the Mission 78 range.

Just got a set of 781's for £210 delivered to add to my collection, they are circa £400 elsewhere.

Mission are dicontinuing this range and they can be had very cheap from hyperfi indeed.

If you ring ask about the 780's which they have sold out off and let them see how hard they will try to sell you a set of the others for.




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Hi nimby
Yes Iknow what your saying but ive just had a new tube put im my tv after having one corner red since new and I dont want another battle with sony so I am being carefull as for the 75c I managed to get it of the forums and im very impressed I have 2 solids as fronts and a pair of mission 7ds at the rear just seen a 75c on ebay finishes tomorrow friday chears mate

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