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Missing Tank

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by Mole69, May 2, 2005.

  1. Mole69


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    Being behind the times, as I am (you should see my wardrobe!), I am currently wading my way through Medal of Honour Frontline for the PS2. I have encountered a problem.
    In the section entitled 'Arnhem Knights', you have to destroy 3 tanks. However, I believe it is the second tank, seems to be missing, no matter how long you wait, or how much area you investigate, it just doesn't seem to appear.
    This copy was bought from Choices Video, it was a pre-owned, but I don't think that should make any difference, should it? Does anyone know what's going on?
  2. Pooon

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    Dec 26, 2002
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    Canterbury, Kent
    This might help(not read it myself so i dunno!):

    | 3. Arnhem Knights |

    Enemies Required for Gold Star: 66


    ||Destroy Panzer IV tanks [2]
    ||Neutralize Panzerschreck squad
    ||Meet Jigs at Customs House

    (Note: you have a lot of ammo on this level :p)
    As the mission begins, walk down the stairs in front
    of you and then turn right to see one of your allies...
    and a BAR! This an awesome weapon. Now, you can
    listen and talk to him and wait for him to go into the building
    across the street or you can go alone. Regardless, enter
    that building and climb up the stairs. Once you reach the
    2nd floor, shoot the guard up there and turn to where he was
    facing. Now, aim across the street and kill the two guys
    in the windows that were shooting your guys. Now continue
    through the 2nd floor the way you were before you shot
    those guys. In the next room, there will be another German
    you should kill as well as a medical kit. Grab it and then
    look out the door. Before you jump, try to shoot the enemy
    in the street, there are about 5 but at most you can get
    probably 2 so when you can jump safely, take out
    the rest. Now go toward the big pile of scrap in the
    road and climb up the left side of it and go back around
    onto the street. In this next area you enter, run straight
    toward the mounted machine gun and use it. If you don't
    get to it fast enough, one of your allies might and they suck!
    mow down as many as you can with it before the tank comes,
    and then when the tank comes, aim at the cannon part of it
    and fire until it explodes. Then resume firing on the enemy.
    there are about 2 in the store on the left and another 2 in
    the broken building on the right. Also, there is a sniper on top
    of the building right next to where the machine gun is. To exit
    this area after all the baddies are dead, collect the 4-5 medical
    cantine that will be in the area (3 in the left shop, 1 in the right
    cracked building room, and one in the broken right room). Then
    go the left shop and exit through the rubble that is to the left of
    it. In the next area, you will see two of your allies, ignore them and
    head right. You will not be in a fight in a room that looks like
    a giant bomb hit it. To make things easy, go into the broken room
    on the right, and kill the guys there, then go upstairs and try to finish
    off all the other guys. In all there is probably about 12, one of them
    may hide in the 3rd floor of the house on the right so climb up the
    stairs. When you are done, collect the health on either of the 2nd
    floors of the dilapidated houses and just move straight through
    the crater and out the other side. Now continue and turn right
    when you see an impassable ruble pile. Follow this passage until
    you go upstairs and then back out onto an open street. Follow this
    street until you hear gunfire. Quickly find the stairs in the area and
    climb them, now follow them and jump of when you see another set
    to jump on. After that, climb those until you get to the edge of
    the wood platform. Now get out your sniper rifle and zoom with
    the D-pad. Kill all the guys you can until you see "Panzerschreck
    squad Neutralized".

    |X|Neutralize Panzerscheck squad

    (I know this isn't the completed first objective, but that is the end
    of how to complete the 2nd one, so I will start how to finish the 1st one
    here). Then jump down (little to no damage) and sneak
    around to the wall where you hear the mounted machine gun fire. Aim and
    peak over a shorter part of the wall and you can kill the machine gun
    operator. Now before you grab the machine gun, forget about it, because
    you need to take out anyone with a Panzerschreck (to us Americans, RL) so that
    they do not blast you! After the gunfire stops, you can go back up to the
    2nd floor to get the medical cantine up there or you can grab the surgeon pack
    to the left of the blazing fire on the ground or there is a medical kit under
    the platform you were on before sniping from. When you are done, go
    to the crack in the wall to the right of the wall that the mounted machine
    gun is on. Jump over it and go to the left and keep following the path. When
    you get to a fork in the path, go right to see yet another battle with your allies
    (with all these scripted battles, woah sweet level this is!). Forget that the Germans
    are there to fight and run into the building on the left (Yes run through there ranks!).
    once inside, you can shoot the guys on the bottom floor, but quickly get to the 2nd
    floor. Once there, you can stare at the stairs to see if anyone comes up after
    you. Also, hide on the stairs to make sure that, you kill as many soldiers you can
    while still hiding from the tank. Once you know it is clear, get out your Panzerschreck
    (I had trouble using this) or preferably your grenades and move close to the
    edge of the blown up room. Now, try to lob them at the tank until it is
    destroyed. Be careful and try to strafe back and forth to avoid fire from
    the tank. After it is gone, go back downstairs and kill all the Germans
    down there until the gunfire can be heard no more.

    |X|Destroy Panzer IV tanks [2]

    Now, you have to retrace your steps back to the beginning to the level
    if you want to kill everyone. Start with the Panzerschreck squad room,
    there will be more guys to kill there. Then head all the way back to the
    start where there may be some more snipers on the roofs for you to kill.
    Once you return to the area where you killed the last tank, you meat heavy
    resistance including a few snipers as well as many guys coming out of the
    building you will exit through. After they are all dead, go into the building
    they were coming out of. Continue up the stairs in the building and keep
    going until you reach a dead in with a lighter shaded door on the right,
    open this door and enter the room to meet your contact and win the
    mission. Woo that was tuff!
  3. Sporran

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    Pembrokeshire, Wales
    thats prob my favourite map on the whole game, and the music which feels very airy.

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