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Jul 29, 2002
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I have had a Sony KV-32DX30 for a while now, and think that I have a problem with my set-up and wondered if anybody has any ideas why.

The thing is I seem to be missing an inch or more of picture to the left and right hand side's of my screen, and I can't think why. This happens on DVD and SKY.

When I first had my TV I realised I was missing some of the picture on SKY, which was soon fixed by setting the SKY picture settings to 16:9 rather than 4:3, but there still seems to be a little bit missing.

When I select 4:3 on my TV, there is a slight amount more picture on the screen than when I have it in 16:9. This does not take up the whole screen though, obviously.

I thought that this problem was only when watching SKY, and it must be a problem with my SKY box. I have now started to think that even whilst playing DVD's the edges of the picture are being chopped off.

I have set the DVD to 16:9 as well, and checked all the TV settings which seem to be fine.

I was thinking that maybe there is something in the service menu that needs altering, but before I go there I wanted to know if anybody else had experienced the same sort of problems.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.
Is auto wide switched on?
Watch BBC1/2/7/4 or News 24 tonight and press Info

You will get the channel number, service number and also programme info

Also it should say WIDE!

if it is not WIDE go into the menu and check the picture format section.

Auto Wide or Auto Format or similar.

The DX20 and DX30 are slightly different :confused:

If the auto wide operation is turned off the DTTV tuner will run in 4x3 mode, the TV will squash and stretch to SMART and lose info all round - Powerhouse Merry Hill demo mode:mad:

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