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Missing ITV 1,2 Channel 4 & 5.. Help !


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I have recently introduced an SLx Amplifier ( 6 Way with Intergrated Bypass ) to boost my loft aerial siginal as I will be shortly adding two more tele's to the two I already have. The problem is now I have fitted it I have lost ITV 1&2 and Channels 4 and 5 in both my Sony Freeview and also through the Pioneer Digi Box feeding my kitchen Tele. The other channels are all working fine.. can someone please advise as i used to get these channels fine prior to introducing the amplifier... Help Please !:confused:


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It's quite possible that you have boosted the signal too much.

Try going back to the original splitter for one TV and feed the amplifier from the other output to see if that helps (or at least if the one on the unamplified outlet is OK). If you re-made any of the plug/socket connections you might have a stray whisker of outer in contact with the inner(s) - these can give odd effects.

Depending on where you are wrt the transmitter you may be able to use a 4-way passive splitter (even with a loft aerial) or, alternatively, you could attenuate the signal into the amplifier to get round the problem.


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I remembered my father-in-law took the aerial connection apart prior to fitting it in the amplifier. I re made it again and Bingo ! all channels are now there... strange how a couple of loose whiskers can lose you so many channels... thanks :thumbsup:

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