Missing Freesat channels after electrician moved the satellite socket


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Hi, I have a Humax Freesat box. Last week an electrician moved the socket on the wall (where I plug the RF cable in) a couple of meters. Since then the only channel I seem to be able to get is BBC2 HD and ITV HD (albeit slightly pixelated). The other channels display the message 'The receiver is not receiving a signal or the signal is too weak'. I have another box upstairs working fine for all channels. This box is linked to the same dish. My question is do you think it's likely that the electrician could have done something that would mean I can now only receive certain channels? Is that possible? Thanks.


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I guess the electrician could have over-bent and damaged the coaxial cable in some way. Or more likely parts of the metallic/foil sheathing has come into contact with the center conductor.

Check the in-coming socket and the F-plug connectors at the ends of the coaxial cables for 'short circuits'...


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Some electricians don't understand TV and Satellite much. But call them back under guarantee and get them to sort it out.

How did they join the cable to extend it further from the original location? Can you access that point?

Most likely to be a dodgy connection. Fairly easy to bend the centre "pin" of thin satellite cable when inserting into a brand new f-socket (e.g. cable joiner).


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Thanks guys for your replies. We will get them back this week. We haven't paid the bill yet so that should spur them into action. I also noticed some tiny sparks when I was plugging and unplugging the coaxial cable into the wall. The original location is now an electric plug socket so I guess he'll be able to take that off and check behind. I don't fancy taking a look myself. Once again thanks.

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